WHD Soundwaver+

WHD SoundwaverPlus



SOUNDWAVER+: Bluetooh Receiver and Exciter with integrated handsfree function.

SOUNDWAVER+ is a fascinating Bluetooth receiver that incorporates a Exciter (acoustic emission transducers), a rechargeable battery and a powerful wide range amplifier 26W. SOUNDWAVER+ plays music through vibrations, transforming every surface that is placed in a giant speaker.

Furthermore,  you can receive calls and use the touchpad with an integrated speaker of SOUNDWAVER+ to answer.

Adjust your SOUNDWAVER+ on any surface and enjoy your music. On an incoming call,  SOUNDWAVER+ will reduce the music and will notify you of it. Hold the phone easilly through the touchpad and talk handsfree with the caller. After your conversation, SOUNDWAVER+ will play your favorite music again.

If you do not want to use the Bluetooth function, just connect SOUNDWAVER+ to any audio source with the included cable.
Or if you prefer , connect the output line of SOUNDWAVER+ to an amplifier to enjoy even better sound and more volume.

Recharge the internal SOUNDWAVER+ battery via the USB cable.


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