Quality Policy

At Nechi Group, all of our activities are focused to achieve a unique and main goal to satisfy our customers.

The achievement of this basic objective depends on the motivation, commitment, continuous training and participation of all the staff of Nechi Group, led by the maximum responsibility of the company: the General Management.

Regardless of the job and responsibilities of each worker, we are all ultimately responsible for our own work, always seeking the satisfaction of both external and internal customers. We must think that the next in our working process is our internal customer, therefore we must also seek their satisfaction.

This work purpose must be achieved by supporting us in the application of the internal work procedure, which guarantees uniformity, continuous improvement and all work towards a single common objective.

No customer, internal or external, will be disappointed by our work, and we will always have the highest levels of credibility, competence, agility, courtesy, communication and understanding, fundamental values for the perception of the service.

We will deal with the supplier as if it were a collaborator more, involving it in our quality and continuous improvement process, because it is one more of the links of our process.

This quality policy is published, understood, implemented and maintained up-to-date at all levels of the company, and, has the total support of the General Management which is committed to be the first to comply with the provisions contained in our procedures, as well as to ensure their fulfillment in all their area of responsibility.

Nechi Group undertakes to ensure compliance with current regulations and legislation.

Nechi Group

Nechi Group




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