ARiZone (Augmented Reality Interactive Zone) is an Augmented Reality solution specially designed for the construction and installation market.

ARiZone is focused on the use of tablets or smartphone, specifically of MAC and Android 2.0 technology as visualization devices.

Once the images of our environment are capture, ARiZone uses complex algorithms of 2D and 3D recognition to determine the position of the relevant elements for our solution. These elements will be showed overlapped with real elements "increasing" the information of the physical environment.

The main ARiZone applications, among others, are listed below:

ARiZone BMS: It is capable of recognizing installed equipment and, connected to a central control system of the building, monitors the functioning status and alarms.

ARiZone Architect: It allows showing of 3D elements of the construction, as furniture, equipments, etc. The user is able to see the final result of the construction before the works have been started.

ARiZone Online Catalog: It simplifies the  management of customized catalogues. In accordance with the registered user, ARiZone links to the recognized objects several information, as confidential data for each user, or even guides the user to a specific landing page.

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