Living Surface

Nechi Group and Vertigo Systems offer the most exciting product family of virtual reality applications: Living Surface.

Living Surface is an innovative medium that turns the observer into a participant.

The interactive experience results from a projection onto any sort of surface (floor, wall, table, ceiling, etc.) and the recognition of the participants on the playing surface by a small observation camera. Along with projectors, we also make use of LCD and plasma displays.

Living Surface are breath-taking, touchless interactive surfaces larger than life with lively contents you can touch, experience and play around with. Our "digital creatures" swim, hop or fly on the floor, wall, ceiling or table, always responding to the movements of all persons participating.

This magical interaction with a world of images appeals to the senses and awakens emotions, making the observer a participant. Advertising messages can thus be communicated in a playful way, and the recall effect of Living Surface is verifiably stronger than that of conventional advertising media.

Our Living Surface solutions are available for rent and for purchase.

The interactive content and areas of application are endlessly versatile. The following presents you with an overview of the typical business sectors:

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Nechi Group




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