Building and Home Automation

Automatización de Edificios y ViviendasEvery time more often it is required to have buildings and homes that can improve our standard of living by rational and intelligent use of the facilities.

A good control system must be able to offer comfort, security, reliable communication, ensure energy savings and efficiently manage equipment. Additionally, the use of visualization systems allows the users to access to the equipment from everywhere and at any time.

In Nechi Group we are expert integrators of control devices and visualization systems, having our own products for this market.

In this way, we participate actively inthe promotion of the KNX protocol, as member of the KNXA organization.

Our main services include:

  • Analysis of installation requirements.
  • Functional design of all the implicated subsystems.
  • Analysis of profitability of the necessary components.
  • Programming of the devices for each system.
  • Development of the technical management system (BMS).
  • Integration of the subsystems into the management system.
  • Start-up of the installation.
  • Specialized training of the facilities team.
  • Maintenance and post-sale services.


Nechi Group

Nechi Group




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