Augmented Reality Solutions

Soluciones de Realidad AumentadaAugmented Reality (AR) is a term that is used to define the incorporation of virtual elements with a direct or indirect view of a physical environment.

The basic principle branches is based on the combination of physical elements with virtual elements in order to create a mixed reality in real time that can be visualized through an external device as a smartphone or tablet.

In Nechi Group we develop augmented reality solutions to be used in architecture and installations.

We have our own system, ARiZone, able to link architectural elements with its three-dimensional representation and/or on certain equipments with their operating states, their active alarms or schematics for wiring/operation.

Let yourself be advised by our team to benefit from the numerous advantages of this technology and start using it as a key to the generation of new products or finding new investors in real estate and construction.


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