Energy Certifications

Energy Certification

Our team has broad experience in the achievement of:

  • Certificate of Energy Efficiency for buildings, homes and locals.
  • Certificate LEED for building and locals.
  • NZEB

Beyond the mandatory license, get a high energy rating ensures a number of direct benefits such as:

  • The energy cost savings from the reduction in consumption.
  • Increase the value for sale/rental of the building.
  • Access to public grants for energy ratings of type A or B.
  • Less impact on the environment.

We carry out, as energy efficiency experts, the development and analysis of the potential gains for the optimization of the Energy Qualification, as well as the technical evaluation of the proposed improvements and their final grades .

Our services include:

  • Building energy modeling.
  • Verification of the legal compliance.
  • Building energy simulation.
  • Processing and obtention of the Energy Efficiency Certificate.
  • Advice for improving the current certification.



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Nechi Group




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