Execution of Construction

Dirección de ObraThe art. 12 of the Law of Construction Planning Law 38/99 of the 5th of november, defines the construction director as the agent, part of the project management, that leads the development of the work in the technical, static, urban and environmental aspects to ensure its suitability for the intended purpose.

In Nechi Group we carry out the execution and manangement of the construction, ensuring the quality, the planning and the cost of the executed works.

We offer diverse support methods:

  • Voluntary construction director: Leading directly on site the execution of the construction.
  • Remote assistance during the execution: Online technical support of the construction director.
  • Project Management: Visiting the construction site for its monitoring, control of costs and planning, and technical guidance.
  • Technical direction of the construction: As part of the construction team, working as well as consulting support for installations.

Thanks to our international focus, you can request on our assistance work even outside the country.


Nechi Group

Nechi Group




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