RECIQU - Reduce Costs, Increase Quality

RECIQU (Reduce the Cost, Increase the Quality) is our management and control service that ensures a significant cost reduction, maintaining and/or improving the quality of the project and and carrying out a monitoring of the development of the construction in order to guarantee its completion.

It is carried out in three phases: study, improvement and monitoring.

It is based on five aspects:

  • Detection of project errors before tendering the work.
  • Project improvement before tendering the work.
  • Effective Bidding through "offer and compare" system.
  • Anticipation and request management during construction and technical execution control.
  • Management improvement and delivery of work and documentation to the customer.

This service is not thought to substitute or eliminate any of the figures of projection and direction of the construction but rather complement them by means of some non-conventional work techniques.

A proper RECIQU ensures significant cost savings in both investment and future exploitation.

RECIQU - Reduce the Cost, Increase The Quality

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