Basic and Executive Projects

Proyectos Básicos y EjecutivosAn Executive Project is the constructive solution of the design of a building, represented graphically with two-dimensional or three-dimensional form, and consisting of a set of detailed drawings and specification of materials and construction techniques for execution.

The executive project is key to ensure proper execution of the work.

In Nechi Group we carry out the design of works, installations and structures. Due to we have architects and engineers for the development of our projects, from start to finish, accompanying and supporting our customers in all phases, from the decision until the choice of materials and selection of the most suitable solution.

We have a creative design team that lets you see your finished project before you have even begun with it. We also have own technical specialists for complex disciplines such as security, automation, audio, sustainability, etc.

We carry out, among others, the following tasks:

  • Definition of needs.
  • Completion of the specific calculations.
  • Delineation and detailed construction plans.
  • Development of specific memories.
  • Preparation of technical and administrative specifications.
  • Preparation of work measurements.


Nechi Group

Nechi Group




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