Space Management

Space ManagementUnder the concept of Space Management, in Nechi Group we complete studies of implementation and adaptation of spaces thinking of achieving maximum quality and work ergonomics.

For this, we do a study of the space and activity and we make an efficiency plan and an interior design (spaces, furniture and accessories), technical design (installations and technical resources) and design of use (guides and training).

Taking advantage of a space does not consist in storing people and resources. We do not work in niches. We do not produce within boxes.  We do no interact as a team in a mournful environment.

Taking advantage of space is to obtain the best possible performance for each m2, improving the quality of employee development and comfort of stay, while making better use of resources is achieved.

We take care of the space, we take care of people, and we take care of our environment. Three cares that will bring us to the fourth care: Corporation.


Nechi Group

Nechi Group




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