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KNX is the leading technology worldwide in solutions for Smart Buildings.

The KNX Basic Online course provides theoretical and practical knowledge in the global standard of building automation KNX/EIB protocol.
The course content is specially designed to provide the fundamentals to design, program, install and implement KNX basic installations.

As main topic, during the practical sessions, the students obtain remote access to real KNX devices over the internet.


General Information

Duration: 15 natural days.

Certification: Possibility to obtain the KNX Partner Certification issued by the KNX Association, ordering additional presencial exams.

In this case, the student should achieve 12 addditional hours of presencial practical sessions and a theoretical and practical exam in order to test the course participant’s basic KNX knowledge. If the student passes both exams will obtain the KNX Partner certification from the KNXA.



1 KNX Project Design ETS Professional: Basic
2 KNX Project Design ETS Professional: Advanced (only for informative purposes)   
3 KNX Commissioning ETS
4 KNX Diagnostics & Trouble Shooting ETS
5 KNX System arguments
6 KNX System overview
7 KNX TP Topology
8 KNX TP Telegram
9       KNX Bus devices
10 KNX TP Installation
11 KNX Powerline
12 KNX RF (radiofrequency)



No previous qualification is required by the KNX Association, but it is recommended to have basic knowledge of electricity and use of PC.

A computer with an internet connection is required.


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