Amaisys Training Lab

The Amaisys Training Lab is the first online laboratory that offers the students all the benefits of the online training working with real equipment during the practical sessions without additional hadware costs.

Only an internet connection is required to enjoy the advantages of the Amaisys Training Lab and obtain the access to a technological platform with specialized theoretical and practical contents.

During the practical sessions, the students obtain remote access to a real installation situated in our center. The students can program the devices, do the commissioning and test the results directly.

At any time, an online-stream camera shows all the actions performed at the installation.

icono-formacionThe most relevant advantages of the platform are:

  • Theoretical and Practical sessions with remote access to real devices.
  • No equipment and no installation needed. All the required software and equipment is already installed in our training center and are reachable using a standard internet browser.
  • Expert technical support of our certified tutors.
  • Simple, fast and reliable access based on load balanced servers with zero downtime.
  • Programming, commissioning and testing of real devices remotely. The user can visualize the results in real time using our online-streaming cameras.
  • The students can learn at any time from everywhere, at their own pace. Only a internet connection and a campus account is required.


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